The main inspiration, and what keeps us on top of food innovations, is Pixie - the Founder's,  rescued Staffordshire Terrier, and many other pet dogs across India just like her.

Since puppyhood, Pixie's behaviour and temperament were impacted by her health issues which were in turn a consequence of poor diet. It really didn't help that there were little to no dog treats available in the market which actually suited her dietary needs. The unearthly amounts of preservatives and additives in the big brand name processed foods were definitely not an option. 

Having interacted with a large set of pet parents during the course of her professional career as a dog trainer, Yamika found common threads between her own experiences and those of her clients. To add to things, 
there was a scarcity of fresh and healthy treat and snack options for dogs. 

Yamika put two and two together and started off by experimenting with wholesome treats for Pixie such as grain-free biscuits and naturally flavoured probiotic frozen treats. 

Today, Clever Canine is proud to make available to other pet parents across the country, these specially innovated treats, so that they too can adopt healthier lifestyles for their furry loved ones.

Did you know?
The illustration on the Clever Canine logo has been inspired by Pixie, the doggie in this photo. 
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